DAI Held Halal Bihalal Insurance Industry virtually as well as Introducing New Management for the period 2021-2024

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Jakarta, 20 May 2021 – In commemoration of Eid Al-Fitr 1 Syawal 1442 H, the Indonesian Insurance Council (DAI) again held a Halal Bihalal (gathering) event which was held on Thursday, 20 May 2021. The event was conducted online through the Zoom application this also introduces the DAI Management for the period 2021-2024 with the General Chairperson Mr. Tatang Nurhidayat.

The implementation of the Interactive Halal Bihalal event was attended by insurance associations, insurance industry players, and the Financial Services Authority. The event was opened by Mr. Dody Dalimunthe as the moderator, expressing his gratitude for the re-holding of the DAI Halal Bihalal event and also introducing Mr. Tatang Nurhidayat as General Chair of DAI, Deputy Chair of DAI from AAJI Mr. Budi Tampubolon, Deputy Chair of DAI from AAUI Mr. Hastanto Widodo, Deputy Chair of DAI from APPARINDO Mr. Mohammad Jusuf Adi, Deputy Chairman of DAI from APKAI Mr. Dikarioso, along with the ranks of the ISEA, AAMAI, APARI, PAMJAKI, IIS, KUPASI Special Members and the Executive Director of DAI for the period 2021-2024 Mr. Erwin Noekman.

In his remarks, Mr. Tatang Nurhidayat as the General Chair of DAI asked for the full support of the insurance industry players. “Hopefully through this friendship, we will further strengthen brotherhood, the fabric of cooperation between the insurance industry. Then I also introduced myself, asking for prayers and support from all ladies and gentlemen for the upcoming DAI management. Of course, every era will encounter challenges, and currently, the insurance industry is facing many challenges, hopefully, we can go through together by praying for and supporting each other for the advancement of the insurance industry, “he said.

As the General Chairperson of DAI, Mr. Tatang Nurhidayat also said that in May 2021 he would complete the preparation of DAI Management for the period 2021-2024 from the Education Commission, Literacy and Communication Commission as well as other things deemed necessary.
Deputy Commissioner for Supervision of IKNB II OJK, Mr. Moch Ihsanuddin in his remarks congratulated the election of the new Chairman of DAI and the re-holding of the Halal Bihalal event. Mr. Moch Ihsanuddin on behalf of the Regulator also expressed his apologies to all insurance industry players for any mistakes in both words, actions and, regulations that might restrain and limit the space for the insurance industry players.
“Let us always communicate and coordinate so that we can eliminate small problems, we need to make improvements in terms of communication and coordination. So that the rules made by the Regulator can be well communicated and coordinated so that they can be well received by the insurance industry players, “said Moch Ihsanuddin.

The event then continued with Tausiyah from Ustadz Zacky Mirza guided by Mr. Erwin Noekman as Executive Director of the Indonesian Sharia Insurance Association. The theme carried was Reaching Collective Success in Gathering Relationships. In Tausiyah, Wali Songo explained several philosophies of the spread of Islam in this country which put forward the element of peace, so that many people at that time were interested and accepted Islam sincerely.

Ustadz Zaky Mirza also revealed several terms related to Eid that are familiar to the Indonesian tongue. Like the word “Lebaran” which is taken from the Javanese language “Lebar” which is finished, taken from Indonesian which means broad which has a broad meaning to forgive. So that in Eid you have to mumble to apologize. In other terms, Eid is also referred to as “lebur” which means to become one because sins are dissolved/lost. The month of Shawwal is also called the month of “overflow”. There are many blessings in that month because there is a tradition of sharing (sharing food, gifts, etc.). And some call it “labur” which means to make it white or to purify it again.

During Eid, it is synonymous with friendship. Gathering in Arabic means connecting affection. Eid means that we become new humans, better humans in the eyes of Allah, family, relatives to be useful for many people. Eid is the beginning to do a lot of good. After listening to the tausiyah and question and answer session, the event was closed with a prayer and a group photo session.

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