Developing qualified insurance human resources
Indonesia Insurance Competency Development Interconnection

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Standardization of Insurance Workers in Indonesia

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Dissemination of Literacy and Study of Insurance Industry


Organizational Administration and Innovation


The Insurance Council of Indonesia (DAI) is a coordinating institution for insurance education, management of development, management of insurance publications and coordination of association activities and other duties deemed important and necessary. DAI is domiciled in Jakarta, has members of insurance industry associations and has partners in carrying out its duties.

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In realizing our vision, the Indonesian Insurance Council (DAI) together with all member associations always coordinate and help each other in carrying out their duties.

As a forum for education, mediation, information and communication between members, the public and the government, the Indonesian Insurance Council (DAI) and institutions that have the same role and purpose.

Together with international partners, we strengthen cooperation outside Indonesia to achieve common goals


Domestic Partner

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Recent Activities

We carry out various activities that focus on education and socialization of the benefits of insurance to all levels of society, both internal and external to the insurance industry. You can find complete activities on the Insurance Literacy and Insurance Industry page.


To improve professionalism, quality of work, high solidarity and good skills, especially in this era of change and progress, we establish trainings both online and face-to-face.