Webinar Adaptation of the Insurance Industry in Economic Saving During and After the Covid Pandemic 19

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In order to welcome Insurance Day and Month of Financial Inclusion in 2020, the Indonesian Insurance Council (DAI) conducted activities with the Wear Mask Movement (GPM) community to provide education and literacy to the insurance industry and society related to community resilience during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Literacy and education for the community are intended so that in undergoing the adaptation of new habits by using good and correct masks to anticipate and prevent the transmission of Covid 19, so that it is hoped that activities can run normally and help move the community’s economy. At the same time, the insurance industry also needs to adjust the company’s operational business processes with a digitalization optimization strategy, cost efficiency and determine insurance products that are in accordance with the needs of the community, so that they can continue to grow during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the theme “Adaptation of the Insurance Industry in Economic Saving During and After the Covid 19 Pandemic”, it is hoped that the Insurance Industry players will remain optimistic, that market opportunities remain open in the era of the Covid 19 pandemic, because there is an increase in public awareness and concern for the need for insurance, which Life safety and Economic Sustainability must go hand in hand, with solutions to run the Wear Mask, Keep Distance and Hand Washing program so that the economy will start running again soon.

The activity which was held on Friday, 9 October 2020 at 13.30-15: 30 WIB began with a keynote speech by Mr. Riswinandi as the Chief Executive of OJK’s Non-Bank Financial Industry Supervisor (IKNB). With the speakers, Mr. Sigit Pramono as the Founder and Chairperson of GPM, Mr. HSM Widodo as the General Chair of DAI, Mrs. Aviliani as the Economist of INDEF and Mrs. dr. Grace Hananta as the GPM Public Campaign Committee. With the number of participants who attended this webinar amounted to 468 people who came from the insurance industry, educational institutions and the general public.

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