Chairman of Insurance Council of Indonesia for the Period 2021-2024

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The Meeting of Members of the Insurance Council of Indonesia(DAI) which was held virtually on Thursday, May 6, 2021, appointed Mr. Tatang Nurhidayat as Chairman of the institution that oversees the insurance industry associations in the country.

This is a new journey for the Insurance Council of Indonesia which begins with principles that have always been firmly adhered to in the development of the Indonesian insurance industry. In realizing its vision, DAI together with all members of the association will always coordinate and help each other in carrying out their duties.

Mr. Tatang said that his appointment as Chairman of DAI is trust and trust from colleagues in the Indonesian insurance industry towards AASI. This trust is the first time for AASI and will be carried out as a mandate in advancing the insurance industry.

“According to DAI’s main task in the organization’s articles of association, there are several things that become DAI’s priority plans in the future,” said Mr. Tatang.

There are three priority plans. First, improving the quality and quantity of insurance education through the transformation of types, patterns, and forms of education by the demands of the times, namely by implementing an effective and efficient education system.
Second, the development and optimization of research functions in the business of industrial development and risk mitigation.
Third, the management of communications and publications that are right on target for various insurance stakeholders. And the fourth is coordination related to strategic issues that are a common concern in the industry.

“InsyaAllah, this trust will be carried out as well as possible to continue what the previous administrators have done. But the most important thing is how all parties can be happy according to their portions,” said the Chairperson of DAI for the 2021-2024 period. Let’s support the realization of a stronger Indonesian insurance industry!

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